Stoney's Bar & Grill | 1111 Lincoln

Our chill neighborhood bar with tasty eats and many beers on tap! They also host trivia nights every Thursday.


Ask about our special appetizer deal at the front desk!


Denver Pizza Co. | 309 W. 11th Ave.

Just down the street from us lies the best pizza in Denver. Perfect for going our or staying in, we recommend them time and time again. Fair warning - they do not have any indoor seating. 


City O' City | 206 E. 13th Ave.

This hip vegetarian restaurant is one of the best in town! Don't let the healthy thoughts fool you, one bit of their Chicken-Fried Cauliflower and Waffles will make you forget you ever loved meat. 10/10 recommend. (P.S. they're open till 2 a.m.!)


5280 Burger Bar | 500 16th St. #160

They make everything from scratch in house (literally everything) and we promise this will be one of the tastiest burger experiences you've ever had! They also boast many local beers on tap!


1112 Broadway 

Denver, CO 80203



Tel: 303.894.0529

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