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5 Local Breweries for Great Hops

Denver is one of the most beer-rich cities in the country. Colorado did not invent craft beer, but with more than 400 established craft breweries, they have certainly perfected it. While sipping, be sure to check out Denver’s Passport Program: a BOGO offering to many of the area’s most popular breweries, wineries and coffee shops to encourage people to celebrate the flavors of the city.

We love a good brew so much that we put together five of our (current) favorite breweries around town, all offering delicious sips and inviting atmospheres.

Denver Beer Co.

One of the most hoppin’ breweries (many puns intended) in the city, there is never a reason to skip Denver Beer Co. They are the creators of the renowned Princess Yum Yum, a raspberry Kolsch that deserves a taste. With locations in the neighborhood of LoHi and the town of Arvada, they have recently announced a new location coming this summer in South Denver. On top of their delicious brews, the brewery hosts many events throughout the year including the upcoming 9th Annual Beer Bacon Coffee Fest (because everything is better with bacon).

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen

One of the most unique beer-tasting experiences, First Draft offers a variety of craft beer in every taste palette. Instead of paying per beer, customers pay per ounce to optimize the variety of tastes and brews they indulge on. Grab a pint glass and head on over to the self-serve taps for a trip to Flavortown. And then munch on their apps (they serve fried pickle chips!) or enjoy a full meal.

Grandma’s House

You really can’t do better theme-wise with a brewery than Grandma’s House. We’re talking knit-covered tap handles, vintage decorations and grandma-themed events including weekly “Crafty Monday” and Tuesday night bingo. Grandma’s House is the coziest brewery for friends, couples or solo beer aficionados. Play a board game or admire the antique decor while indulging in the sweet, sour and hoppy drinks inside.

LowDown Brewery

Just a hop and skip away from the hostel, LowDown Brewery is located on the edge of the popular Golden Triangle and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. The brewhouse offers games for borrow, and during warmer days there is a beautiful patio outside to dine on with a laid-back atmosphere. Lowdown is a quintessential neighborhood brewery: cozy, friendly, with really great drinks.

Cerebral Brewing

Trust us, you’ll feel smarter the second you step into Cerebral Brewing. Okay, maybe not, but you will once you read the fun science-related facts inside the tables. Brewers even use the scientific method to maintain quality brews and have fun naming them with ones like “Cosmic Vertigo” and “Auditory Illusion.” After your tasty sips, browse their brainy (literally) swag and walk outside with your new favorite shirt.


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