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a guide to 14-ers

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

You made it! You’re in Colorado! Great job!

After you take your obligatory pic on the mile-high step at the State Capitol, you’re ready to tackle a mountain! Not just any mountain though, one of the tallest mountains in the state: one that goes more than 14,000 ft. up (that’s more than 2 miles straight up, or 3+ kilometers for you world-travelers).

We recommend a few things when considering before taking on this exciting challenge.

First, BRING WATER. But don’t just bring water with you, drink it on the way up the mountain as well. When your body goes to those altitudes, there’s less oxygen available, and your body is not a fan of struggling to breathe. Water will help make the climb easier, and help you avoid nasty altitude sickness (i.e. dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, etc.)

Second, WEAR COMFY SHOES; preferably ones with ankle support. Do we know people who have climbed mountains in nothing but TEVA’s with a pack of dried blueberries and a can of Coca Cola? Sure. But don’t be that guy.

Third, CLIMB ONE OF THE LITTLE GUYS FIRST. The mountains vary in difficulty based on their landscape, elevation gain, etc. etc. but the few we recommend

for your first assent are:

1. Mount Bierstadt (one of our staff members swears this is the best hike in Colorado)

2. Quandary Peak

3. Grays Peak

4. Torreys Peak

Please Note: climbing these mountains is tough! The view is absolutely worth it, but please remember that they’re physically demanding. And be certain to get off the top of the mountain by noon (12 PM)

Have fun and be safe! For good measure, grab a slice of Beaujo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs on your way back down to Denver. You’ve earned it.

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