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Be a Good Dorm Buddy | Five tips for easy traveling

We've all been there. It's early in the morning, your sleeping in your hostel bunk, and you hear the riiiip of velcro or a zipper. You groggily open your eyes and you have a bunk mate rifling through their luggage for an early flight.


Co-living during travels can be a tricky balance of being practical, but also considerate. We've put together a few tips we think can help you navigate your shared spaces, and enjoy staying in a hostel.

1 | Pack before bed

To avoid the above scenario, try to pack your suitcase before bed, and leave out the items you need to get ready in the morning. When you need to dress, head to the bathrooms so you can let your dorm mates sleep in peace. Some of them might be hung over.

2 | Put your phone on vibrate

I won't lie, if I ever wake up to a flashlight alarm blaring a jingle after being snoozed five times, I might lose it. Put those phones on vibrate, and tuck them under your pillow so you can wake up on time, and not alert the entire building in the process.

See how happy this stock photo girl is, keeping all her belongings in her suitcase? What an inspiration.

3| Stow your stuff

Don't be the guy whose socks are laying on someone else's bed or the person with luggage throughout the shared room. For a shared space to work, it's important your considerate of where you put your belongings. Use your locker, or keep items below your bed so they are out of the way. Or, better yet, keep them zipped into your suitcase.

4 | Party, but not too hard

To avoid any unpleasant interactions before or after your bunk mates have hit the hay, drink responsibly, to avoid any unpleasant party after effects.

5 | Use Earplugs

A good night's sleep in a shared dorm is usually achieved by a pair of ear plugs. This will make you a better roommate, and help you just in case you have a roommate who is not as considerate.

Were there any tips you learned that you didn't know? Is there anything you'd do differently next time you travel? Let us know!


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