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Denver's Best Ice Cream

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, (and we are crazy impatient) we are preparing to eat as much ice cream as humanly possible in a dangerously short amount of time. Here are some of our absolute favorite places to grab a scoop or two (or three or four):

Sweet Action Ice Cream | 1 mile from the hostel

Walk there (so you have zero guilt consuming those calories) and try any of their hand-made flavors. Their fudge is to die for, and they have vegan scoops for those with dietary restrictions. Even better? There's plenty of shopping and eateries right by Sweet Action so you can make a night of it.

Liks Ice Cream | 1 mile east of the hostel

Located by Cheesman Park, this ice cream has been a neighborhood staple since 1976. Handmade daily, there will probably be a bit of a line, but it moves quickly and is worth it. Their house-made waffle cones are also excellent! Free smells from walking by are enough to make you want to go inside.

To make a day of it, rent some bikes and cruise through Capitol Hill. After exploring the Botanical Gardens, bike to Liks and enjoy a refreshing scoop before heading back.

Littleman Ice Cream | 2.5 miles northwest of the hostel

Super sweet ice cream served out of a giant milk can (yep, super unique). The line will be long (you've been warned) but the atmosphere and flavors are well worth it! Vegan options and sorbet is also available. We suggest taking the 16th Street Mall Shuttle to Union Station, then going on foot to Littleman's.

PRO TIP: Littleman ice cream is also served at Milkbox Creamery inside of Union Station if you prefer something a smidge closer without a crazy line.


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