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our favorite day hikes

Chautauqua Park and Hiking Trail

Chautauqua Trail is a popular 1.2 mile out and back trail with an elevation gain of approximately 419 feet. IN SHORT: great for hikers of all skill levels. Located near Boulder, Colorado, this trail is best used from March until October and can be accessed from the hostel via public transportation.

Red Rocks Trail (Boulder)

Red Rocks Trail is a gorgeous 1.3 mile (2 km) loop trail with an elevation gain of approximately 393 feet. It’s located right outside Boulder and great for hikers with zero experience. Hop on the 6 Bus or Flatiron Flyer to Boulder and get off just a few blocks from the trail head.

Dinosaur Ridge Trail

A trail for the Jurassic Park lover, Dinosaur Ridge is a 4 mile (6 km) out and back trail near Golden Heights, Colorado. You’ll be able to see fossilized dinosaur bones (full-sized stegosaurus, anyone?) and a good view of the city. Bonus: you can access the trail via public transportation.

Red Rocks Trail (Morrison)

This Red Rocks Trail is a 2-mile (3.2 km) moderately difficult hike near the iconic Red Rocks music venue! You can’t get there with public transportation, but you CAN join in our Thursday day hikes (only $20) and explore with some new buddies and wrap up the hike with a stay at the beer garden in Morrison.

Tech Savvy?

The app (and website!) AllTrails is the perfect tool for planning your hikes! Check out things like photos of the hike, reviews, local weather, hike length, difficulty, altitude gain, directions, a trail map, the best time of year to hike. Regardless where you hike, always bring water!

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