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from hotel to hostel

To us, a hostel is home. A place where you can kick up your feet, sip fresh coffee with people you only just met but feel a little bit like family.

To us, a hostel is a place where budget-conscious travel meets clever travel. You don’t need thousands in your bank account to know the best view of Denver is from the top of LoHi, or that Red Rocks will always be the concert venue you’ll ever go to.

To us, a hostel is a place where you can ditch the map and enjoy the ride; explore a new city without feeling “new” to anything at all.

To us, a hostel is a place where stories collide, where the past greets the future and we constantly look for ways to innovate by doing what we’ve always done better: creating a safe space for people to meet, explore, save money, and gain immeasurable wealth through travel.

After 115 years, we’re changing our name from 11th Avenue Hotel to 11th Avenue Hostel. We could not be more excited.

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