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Mask On, Adventure Go

There are so many activities that have been dampened by the COVID-19 pandemic. From international travel, to restaurant dining, to treating yo'self to a pedicure. However, there are ways to adapt, and the hostel, alongside many Denver entities has been adapting to ensure safe, fun travel can still be enjoyed in a metropolis.

How, you ask?

First off: always travel responsibly. Wear your mask, remind others around you to wear their masks, wash your hands, and stay super hydrated.

Then, reserve your tickets in advance. The Denver Art Museum, alongside many other awesome art institutions (including Clyfford Still, The Kirkland, And Denver Museum of Modern Art) are all offering reserved tickets with reduced capacity. It may be the best museum experience you have ever had.

No crowds? Sign us up!

When hosteling, be sure to keep your mask on when meeting new people, but don't let the pandemic stop your friendliness. Make sure you're smiling with your eyes so people know you're not dead inside (and even if you ARE dead inside, a smile never hurts).

Finally, eat well. Traveling is hard on your body and makes you more susceptible to disease than normal. Unfamiliar environments can introduce all sorts of new conditions to your body. Be sure to eat well, rest well, and drink lots of water to protect yourself against disease.

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