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our favorite coffee (at this exact moment)

We’ve always been obsessed with coffee around here (we owned a coffee shop for a while back in the day), and the recent coffee boom sweeping America and settling into Denver is incredibly fun to watch. Below, our current favorite spots to enjoy legally addictive stimulants:

Amethyst Coffee Co. Okay, we like that they’re our neighbors, but they are also experts with coffee, serve classic cocktails, have a patio and rotating menu. And, if you’re into taking pictures, their lighting is always perfect (we’ve tried to figure out how, and we still have no idea).

Thump Coffee Not to be mistaken as the most recent president of the United States, Thump roasts their own beans and has ample seating and space to get. work. done. They also serve a fun variety of vegan-friendly pastries, if that’s up your alley.

Roostercat Coffee These guys have been in the neighborhood for a long time, and it’s been tremendously fun to watch them grow their craft and business. Delicious drinks are standard, they have a patio, fireplace and flawless WIFI. Oh, and they’re open until 2 a.m.!

LulaRose General Store

Our friends on Colfax with a quaint coffee shop that doubles as a flower shop (did you just die of cuteness?)! It’s a spectacular place to grab a cup and explore the infamous “wickedest street in America.”

The Bardo Coffee House If you like sipping coffee on the edge of the city in a vibrant, hip space (which we are), you’ll love Bardo. Besides great coffee, there is plenty of space to work or hang out. And, with games, patio space, and a nice spot on South Broadway, you can spend the day thrifting and end up here until late at night.

Where do you like to grab coffee?

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