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Our favorite neighborhood restaurants

Every year there are many blog posts and news articles that rate the best restaurants in Denver, and every year we roll our eyes and think, "good god, these guides are stupid" because everyone thinks their neighborhood is the best in Denver, and that their stomping grounds can't be beat.

Tragically, we feel the same way! So here are our favorite places to dine in the neighborhood - and we know you'll love them too!

Best Cafe - Esikaffee

You don't have to wander far for the best cafe in the neighborhood: it's right below you in the lobby! With pretty street views and yummy coffee, tea, and craft beverage pairings with pastries and even ice cream, you can't go wrong with a morning started at Eiskaffee

Best Brunch - Jelly Cafe

We don't have words for how much we love Jelly. It's a quick walk from the hostel and YOU NEED TO HAVE BRUNCH HERE!!!!!!

How's that for food blogging like the pros?

Best Bar + Food - Cuba Cuba Cafe

The dinner is a little more on the pricey side, but the energetic, bright atmosphere of the restaurant, paired with the most delicious hand-prepped cocktails and authentic taste of Cubano cuisine make Cuba Cuba a must stop destination in the neighborhood. Get there early to snag a table, and get a pitcher of mojitos to go with your dinner. Follow that all up with a rich Cuban flan and you have the start of a very good night!

Best Fresh Food - Anise

If you're looking for the comfort of home, or just delicious, fresh, authentic Vietnamese food made by the kindest couple in the world, Anise is where you need to eat. They have a great lunch special, but their dinner is even better, and you should definitely have a seat in their cozy, moody dining room to take in these delicious flavors!

Best Italian - DiFranco's

Their marinara will have you saying "mama mia what in the world" as soon as you take a bite! We love this cozy spot and their tasty wines that pair with their delicious italian cuisine.

Best Sandwich - Zeps Epiq Sandwiches

All of their sandwiches are handcrafted and delicious, but none stand out as much as the Telluride paired with some truffle tots. Truly delicious food for a really fun day of adventuring! We're embarrassed to admit how often we eat here.

Best Boujee Lunch - Leven Deli Co

You'll pay a pretty penny for a sandwich or salad here, but the quantities and quality justify the prices. You can even pair your meal with a rich browny or delicious wine and eat en plain air to feel truly french on your way to the Art Museum.

Best Brewery + Kitchen - Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen

You don't usually equate the bar scene with excellent food, but Lowdown makes so much more than good, local, craft beer. They also make great food, and we are particular fans of all their salads, flat breads, and sandwiches. Bonus: their patio is one of the best in town and they really create such a delicious product!

We can't wait for you to experience the Denver food scene in our very own neighborhood!


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