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Our Top Picks for Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week is a hallowed Denver celebration from March 11th-20th where you can eat at some of Denver's best restaurants for fixed menu prices of $25, $35, and $45. The menus are pre-set, but usually that means you get the absolute best selection of flavors from each restaurant. Plus, those drink deals can't be beat.

Here's a list of our favorite picks, and the restaurants we will be eating at this year.

The sign for Cuba Cuba Cafe and Bar sits in the front of frame with a small bungalow turned into a restaurant is in the back.
Photo courtesy of Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar

#1 Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar - $25 - It's no secret that Cuba Cuba is one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. We aren't kidding when we say everything on their menu is delicious! From their fried plantains, to their mojitos, you can't go wrong. Make a reservation.

#2 MBP - $45 - Standing for "Moods Beats Potions", MBP is an upscale black-owned eatery in the city's Five Points neighborhood with a full service bar, high-end proteins, live music, and a relaxing vibe. Their menu options take inspiration from the deep south, bringing delicious flavors to the heart of Denver. Learn more.

#3 Bamboo Sushi - $45 - It's time for a sushi night. This unique sushi restaurant in the Highland's neighborhood serves up some of the most unique sushi flavors you'll encounter, and they are good. Combine that with the moody restaurant vibe, and it's a no-brainer for a special night out. Save a table.

A mixed cocktail sits on a counter with a leaf and lemon inside of it.
Photo courtesy of Bang Up! the Elephant

#4 Bang Up! the Elephant - $25 -This super cute Capital Hill spot serves up vibrant, fresh flavors from the tropics with a uniquely Denver flare. We go for brunch often, so we are really looking forward to some coconut curry and a dirty banana ball for dessert. Get a table.

#5 Linger - $35 - Based in the former Olinger's mortuary (you read that right!) Linger is a unique Denver restaurant experience that should not be missed! Their menu draws inspiration from all over the world, with constantly changing flavors on their menu. Bonus: the dining room has one of the best views of the Denver skyline anywhere. Reserve a seat.

The best part of Denver Restaurant week, however, is not only the food, it's the experiences gained while enjoying some really, really good food. This year, to get the most out of this special week, enjoy 22% off any private room at the hostel so you can stay out as long as you like, and rest in comfort. Reserve your room!

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