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Renovation Diaries: don't fight it

Hey diary.

We are now more than a year past our renovation completion timeline. A horrible combination of the pandemic, material shortages, rising costs, and a general lack of poor planning brought us here. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or want to point fingers at everyone involved, but we are trying to lean into the spirit of the season and choose peace.


It's easier said than done, but we take great comfort in knowing how much is complete. Our lobby is looking as sexy as ever. Our floors are complete. The new doors are in, and it's so quiet now in the rooms we know everyone is going to sleep well. The library is finally (finally!) painted and we personally pulled the staples out of that original floor.

So, yeah. Things are looking up. They are still a year behind schedule, but they're... up. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Best wishes and positive thoughts are being sent to city leadership now, and we are praying that the final inspections are easy, that they are kind to small business, and reasonable. Fingers and toes crossed over here!

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