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Best Vegan in Denver

Having been a vegan now for around 8 years, whenever I am in a new city I take my time to explore the vegan scene in town. Luckily, Denver has more than enough to offer.

Now, for our vegan guests (or for the vegan curious) here at 11th Avenue Hostel, I made a list of vegan and vegan friendly places here in Denver, most of which are within walking distance! Wohoo!

#1 Watercourse Foods

Watercourse, as told on their website, is "Denver's Original Vegan Restaurant". They offer a banging vegan breakfast, burgers, tacos, and desserts! Shakes as well if you fancy.


837 East 17th Avenue

Denver, CO 80218

#2 Beet Box Bakery

This little gem has not only vegan options, but also gluten free for our gluten tolerant mates!

Beet Box has a wide selection of croissants, donuts, pies, even s'more bars! They also have sandwiches and coffee with almost every option of plant-based milk.

Beet Box 1030 E 22nd Ave

Denver, CO 80205

#3 Make, Believe Bakery

I have not tried Make, Believe Bakery yet, but it is the closest vegan bakery to 11th Avenue Hostel and right next to City O' City which is a great vegetarian restaurant (with vegan options)!

#4 Nooch Vegan Market

VEGAN HEAVEN! Nooch Market has everything a vegan dreams off! I was really excited to see that they had vegan twinkies, in strawberry and chocolate flavours as well. Vegan mac n cheese, corn dogs, and a large variation of vegan cheez makes this one of my favorite places. And, for a hot day, they serve vegan soft serve! Yum!

Nooch Vegan Market

10 E Ellsworth Ave

 Denver, CO 80209

Finally, below are a few eateries that offer vegan options without being fully vegan close to 11th Avenue Hostel. Most of them offer delivery, so you can eat comfortably in the comfort of your room as well.

  • The Corner Beet - This is a vegetarian cafe with a super healthy options, a few vegan ones. On the menu they just ask you to let them know and they will make it vegan.

  • City O' City - Right up the road from us! It's a vegetarian restaurant that has many vegan options! Fun fact: Watercourse is it's sisters restaurant.

  • BurgerFi - Just a 3-5 min walk from the hostel, Burger-Fi has one burger Vegan Beyond Meat Burger! 

  • Mad Greens - A salad bar just up the road from the hostel, they definitely have a huge selection of vegan options.

Enjoy all the vegan goodies!


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