your support means the world to us.

Through the years, our family has had the honor of hosting thousands of individuals from far and wide within our walls. 

We are no alone in our struggle following the devastation COVID-19 has brought to so many in the small business community, and we know so many are struggling and grappling with an abrupt and jarring change to life. 

During this time, we have been able to continue employing our staff, and moving forward with a renovation many of our travelers have asked for and dreamed of.

To help offset the major bleeding to our bank account this has caused, we are asking for your support through a donation or gift card purchase for a future stay! 

These funds will go a long way to provide hope and strength for a no doubt long recovery. The gift cards will encourage us that the future of travel is bright. 

Thank you again for your support, and we hope to see you soon! 

- The 11th Avenue Team

Make a Donation Button - 11th Avenue Hos
Make a Donation Button - 11th Avenue Hos


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