what to expect at 11th avenue hostel:

We are not a full-service hotel. When you book, do not expect a 5-star resort, because we are not that. We are a family owned and operated hostel in the heart of downtown. 

We do not do housekeeping daily in every room. We are happy to freshen your room during your stay, but complete cleaning and changing of sheets is only complete in private rooms every third day. Want more regular cleaning during your stay? Just ask! 

Our building is old. It was built in 1903, and it creaks! The windows are a little stubborn. That doesn't mean we are not awesome, it just means rooms are not as new as you may think, because they're not new. They are quite literally 100+ years old.

Breakfast & parking are not provided - our location and great price tag for downtown allow you to explore more and (hopefully) spend your money on good food, and good drink during your stay.

What we promise is a comfy, safe place to rest your head, clean bathrooms, clean sheets, super friendly and knowledgeable staff, a great price, and a killer location. Explore like a local!