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While we have done the painstaking work to renovate and upgrade our facilities to keep up with the rising expectations of travelers, this is a historic building, with historic charm, quirks, and designs. Common spaces are shared with other guests. If you have any questions, you can always call us at 303.894.0529.

Also, do not expect a 5-star resort hotel. We are not that. We are a hostel. Though we have fully private hotel-style rooms, we focus primarily on shared spaces, and community engagement. Expect to meet people and have a great time in a lovely updated space.

We do not offer daily housekeeping in private rooms, and only clean rooms on the third day of guest stay. Dorms are tidied daily, but don't expect turn down service. Shared bathrooms are cleaned twice daily. If you would like additional housekeeping, please let the front desk staff know. We are happy to provide additional service if requested!

We do not provide parking. Please do not yell at our staff about this. This is a great deal downtown, and we are very, very upfront about not offering parking. We are not responsible for fines incurred for improperly or illegally parked vehicles!

Be prepared for noise. Our great downtown location means there may be more noise than you are used to. We are located in the heart of downtown, and the hustle and bustle, though faint through our sealed historic windows, will allow some sound in. Please be prepared. We offer free ear plugs at the front desk for all guests.


In 2022, 11th Avenue Hostel will be fully ADA accessible, with ADA compliant dormitories, private Euro Rooms, private Ensuite rooms, and an elevator. Our front desk is located on ground level, with accessible entries, and has a lowered section to accommodate wheelchair-bound guests. Our staff is able to assist disabled guests with luggage and elevator operation, if needed. Please note: the hostel does not have rooms located on the ground level.

Legitimate service animals trained to perform a specific tasks under ADA Title II are permitted for guests with disabilities, and must be leashed and in the company of the guest for the entire duration of the guest stay. Service animals must be taken outside to use the restroom, and damage caused by a service animal in the room will be charged to the card on file. Service animals left in their room without their handler will be required to leave the premises. Service animals misbehaving will be removed from the premises and not be allowed to return.


Emotional support animals and pets are strictly prohibited on our property. A vest purchased online does not turn a pet or emotional support animal into a service animal.  We do not appreciate persons who try to take advantage of this necessary and helpful law in an effort to bring pets with them wherever they like, and always deny emotional support animals from the building.

If you have any questions about our property, please call us at 303.894.0529.

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